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Our baby room has a play area where the children (who are not yet walking) can play safely with a separate, monitored cot room where they can sleep peacefully. The toddler unit also has a large area for them to play and be active.


The ratios in our nursery are as follows:

ROOM      AGE                  RATIO        
    Baby Room          0-2     1:3            
    Tweenies  2-3      1:4        
    Pre-School  3-5     1:8        
    Early Years 3-5     1:8        
    Schoolies 5-12     1:8        


As safety is top priority we have closed circuit television recording each room at all times. Our main front door is only answered by staff and only parents whom are recognised are allowed onto the premises.Any visitors we have to the Nursery have to sign in and wear a visitor’s pass. Visitors are always accompanied by a member of staff. All electrical equipment is out of the reach of children and electrical sockets and radiators are covered and protected. Our floor areas are either non-slip vinyl or carpet. Children with allergies, dietary requirements or food intolerances wear appropriate bands on their wrists to inform staff they have a particular or special requirement.

Our outside play areas are totally enclosed to ensure the children are able to play safely at all times.

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